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Wanted and now found: 

A nursery with special Christian wallpaper for children. 
Illustrated with an instructive and fun story. 

Biblical Children's Wallpaper is fun for every child. 

Look, wallpaper with an illustration of 'Daniel in the lion's den', what will your child enjoy! Or choose the 'Ark of Noach' wallpaper that allows your child to experience many cheerful animal adventures. 

Choose from ten cheerfully illustrated wallpapers that will brighten up your child's room. 
The children's wallpaper can be ordered in 10 beautiful illustrations each available in 7 different color combinations. 

Fun for every place where children come, such as bedrooms, waiting rooms, crèche etc. 
View the offer on this site. Educational and fun. 

That is the children's interest in Biblical Children's Wallpaper! 

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